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MindEd Ventures

Investing into the Future of Mental Wellness

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Investment Themes

We invest up to $100k into pre-Series A start-ups that are building within the following thematic areas:

Core Focus: Scaling Mental Wellness 

When was the last time you felt mild to severe stress, anxiety, or fatigue? Billions of us are suffering from one or more sub-clinical mental health conditions. Over the past 5 years, mindfulness and meditation have gone mainstream. The market is ready for the next generation of mental wellness solutions that are more personalized, impactful and rooted in a deeper understanding of our brain. We believe investing into scalable mental fitness tools is the fastest way to improve the collective human condition.

We are particularly excited about 5 themes:

  1. Building mental wellness measurement infrastructure 

  2. The future of data-driven brain training

  3. Creating scalable peak experiences 

  4. Increasing access and reducing cost for mental wellness support 

  5. Precision wellness to improve nutrition, sleep and movement habits

Opportunistic: EdTech & Africa

Our initial thesis included a bigger focus on the EdTech sector and the African continent. We still believe in both opportunities and will continue to make investments within the following topic areas:

  1. Better mindfulness and mental training for our youth

  2. Scalable models to create new job opportunities (especially in Africa)

  3. More effective workforce upskilling and continuous training models 

  4. New approaches to higher education programs and pathways 

10% of our funds are allocated to EdTech and Africa investments.   

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What Founders say about working with MindEd

We firmly believe early-stage investors should be a competitive advantage. We are operators at heart and like to get our hands dirty. We hold ourselves accountable to the value we provide.

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"At FIELD, we've held unrealistic but meaningful criteria to hiring and partnership - both internally and with investors: Are they exceptional humans, are they mission and values aligned, are they contextual geniuses? the MindEd team meets all these in a way that's active and engaging. Eddy brings an incisive mind, and dedicated fascination to solve the problems you're facing."

Devon, CEO of Field

Mental Wellness Portfolio 


Sahha is building the API for the mind to support developers build more empathetic products

Location: New Zealand

Screenshot 2023-10-11 145229.png

Jhourney uses brainwave data from expert meditators to guide everyone into states advanced meditators describe as “life-changing,” avoiding months or years of stagnant practice.

Location: USA


NexStem is building state of the art BCI (brain-computer interface) solutions made intuitive and affordable for everyone. Their hardware & software platform will democratize access to EEG technology.

Location: India

Screenshot 2023-10-11 145836.png

Lief is the first FDA cleared wearable for mental health with clinically proven results. The real time HRV monitor enables you to be aware of your mental state and automatically guides you in breathe exercises during stressful situations.

Location: USA

Logo Blue (1)-1.png

WellSet is the first employee wellness platform to bring more than 20 wellness and holistic health modalities together for the workforce.

Location: USA

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-22 at 13.06.46.jpg

Numo champions neurodiversity helping users to embrace and explore their condition, starting with ADHD. Selected as one of a handful of Ukrainian startups for the Google for Startups program.

Location: Ukraine


Roga is building brain-stimulation devices to support people feel less anxious.

Location: USA


Field champions brain driven wellness and aims to transform lives one brain at a time. Field's technology allows you meet you brain and supports you to train it daily through at-home neurofeedback.

Location: USA

Supermind hat.jpg

Supermind uses EEG technology to assess your brain health and combines biofeedback & psychological modalities to retrain your brain & nervous system.

Location: USA

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EdTech & Africa Portfolio

Our legacy investments into EdTech and African start-ups


Boundless Life

Boundless empowers people to have more fulfilling lives, by designing a lifestyle enabling balance, growth, and deeper connections with ourselves, our families, nature, and the world.

Location: Canada


Craydel is building an AI-powered discovery and recommendation engine to transform the way students discover, compare and apply to higher education in Africa.

Location: Kenya

Kapu_Logo (3).png

Kapu is building the most relevant B2C e-commerce model for the majority of urban consumers in Africa with the goal of enabling Africa consumers to save $1 billion over the next 10 years.

Location: Kenya


Fingo is building Africa's neobank for 500M youth with a goal of increasing financial inclusion and overall financial literacy. Fingo was selected as one of the top 5 YC demo day pitches by Techcrunch.

Location: Kenya


Sparkwise is a multiplayer learning platform where professionals master skills together, through interactive group challenges, available on demand.

Location: USA


Zeraki is the leading in-school software solution in Kenya supporting parents and teachers to better collaborate on the progress of each student.

Location: Kenya


SeamlessHR is helping businesses in Africa become more productive and successful, through the deployment of world-class technology solutions to manage the entire value chain of Human Resources.

Location: Nigeria

Copy of 201022_m254 logo color (2).png

Money Africa Group is building digital literacy across Africa by creating a transparent way for people to understand what matters when selecting a financial product and to compare the options are available in the market.

Location: Kenya

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Reach out 

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Eddy Vaisberg

Managing Partner

Eddy runs MindEd Ventures day-to-day and is backed by an exciting group of advisors. Eddy is an entrepreneur at heart and is working on multiple start-ups at any given point (across different stages). He shadowed 15 start-up CEOs across the world, an experience which has rewired how he thinks about what is possible. He is excited to help build alongside talented founders tackling big, impactful problems in Mental Wellness.

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